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Colorado Quality Roofing provides roof replacement and installation in the Northern Colorado and Denver rural areas. Call us today for more information on roof replacement and installation, 970-388-3407.

Residential Roof Replacement

Colorado Quality Roofing provides roof replacement in the Northern Colorado area on most types of roofs. Whether you have shingle (composition), shake, high-pitch, high-impact shingle roof, our roofing experts can replace and install a new roof for you quickly. If you have hail damage, wear and tear, or you are looking to update the style of your home, we can help. Call us today for an estimate to replace and install a new roof on your home.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Colorado Quality Roofing replaces and installs any size commercial roof. If you’ve experienced a hail storm, have normal wear and tear on your commercial building, call us today for an estimate. We will inspect your roof to determine the damage and best option for replacement. We’re here to make sure your roof is in great condition so your business can continue running as usual.

Hail Damage

Colorado Quality Roofing specializes in replacing and installing roofs after hail damage has occurred. If you’ve had a hail storm in your area, call us 970-388-3407 and we will determine the amount of roof damage. We will also help you through the entire insurance claim process. We work closely with many insurance companies in the area, so we can help guide you on how to complete the claim and redeem process for your roof replacement.

Roof Repair

If you are concerned that you may have a roof leak or damage, call us and we can access the damage and cost to repair your roof. Roof leaks or damage is typically caused from a hail storm, wear and tear and old age. If your curious how you can keep your roof in great condition all year-long.